You were made for this.


Life to the full.

​ Introducing adolescents in New England and New York to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.​

Who We Are

at a Glance

We will win ourselves first.

There is nothing more important than our own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   We will stand firmly on the fact that apart from Jesus, we can do nothing. (1 Cor 2:2, Col 1:27, John 15:5)

We will take creative initiative with uncommitted, disinterested kids.

We will seek out different kinds of kids as we value all of our work with kids.  We are people who continue to research and develop innovative approaches to reaching uncommitted, disinterested kids around the region. (Acts 17:22-23, Mark 7:33-35, Acts 10:28, Ex 4:2-3) 

We will love one another as we love all others.

We seek to love each other by encouraging the welfare and spiritual health of those who do this ministry.  We will build and sustain healthy staff and volunteer teams.  We will build healthy areas that are well supported so that the staff can focus working with kids.  (Phil 2:1-4, Rom 12:10-13).

We will take risks in areas where we do not have Young Life.

We will together go after every kid and every kind of kid.  We will not stop until we get to the next kid, the next group, the next school, the next community, the next area, the next rural town or the next city. (Acts 1:8, Matt 28:18-20, Mark 2:15, Mark 1:38, I Thess 2:8, Acts 16:10)

Where To Find Us

You Were Made For This


Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

Volunteer your time to work directly with young people.

Support the staff and leaders as part of the local adult committee.

Give resources to start or sustain the financial foundation at the local or national level.

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